Monday, August 30, 2010

Dancing Like David Danced

Title changed on me. I saw a friend's blog a while
ago about David dancing. And then she said, "I want to dance like David danced." So, that's the name
of that tune! My dh came in the house with these
flowers just after I added the yellow flowers. It gave me goose bumps. Thank you Patrina.

You make me feel like dancing

This is one of the first paintings in this story.
Just paint, and pencil. I drew around until
the figure appeared.
I thought the above caption would be the name of the painting.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Story Telling on Canvas

I am taking a free on-line canvas story-telling class with one of my favorite painters, Mystele
( She is one of the most creative and generous artist that I know.
Mystele says (I feel like a student saying this is what my teacher said), our marks are the stories we tell, and our stories are bigger than just us.
There is a difference between painting a pictue and telling a story, and you are that difference. You are the missing link, what you feed your creativity shows up in your painting. Your life is whatever you need to step into or back away from-------
I realize that I have beeen painting this way however; Mystele has helped me to find the words to describe what I do. Be sure and go down to the first painting and see the progress. Thank you.

Have Mercy Final Stage of painting (I think)

This is the last one, I noticed that the 57 Psalm was on her dress, that's when I knew the name of this story, Have Mercy. That Psalm is Be merciful unto me O God, for my soul trusteth in thee...

The lights in the city ended up looking like faces that needed help.

Third canvas

Still coming, more paint.....

Part 2

More paint, more paper pages from an old Bible
I could now see what looked like a dark troubled
city with the lights on in the buildings.

First Canvas

I started off just smearing paint on canvas. Taking a look, I saw a person looking at a dark city.