Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Paint Brush in the Hand of God

I cannot decide which one I like the best.

This is for Patrina, God has colors we can not phantom, we can only mimic.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He Got the Whole World in His Hands.

This has always been one of my favorite songs. I go through spells where I think of her a lot. She had such a haunting voice. Now, that I think of it she and Nina Simone kind of hit the same chord in me. I'll have to explore an art piece with Miss Nina.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Took a Zentangle class yesterday, I doodle all the time, this is suppose to be organized doodling, they don't like that word. We shall see.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

colored woman

Went to an art reception tonight, came back home and she appeared. I don't think she is through coming..................

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art doll,core elements

I took a class last week in handwrapped art dolls by Rukiya. I am NOT a doll artist, but I love certain type of dolls, and I wanted to be around some creative folks. I heard rumblings in the class about how she should make one to show us; but, she wanted to tell us and let us make our own dolls. I thought my doll had a very masculine face, gotta get her some eye lashes. This was my first time with clay, but I tried to go "with the flow." She has not told me her name yet. She has a tree branch with various fabrics, ribbons, feathers and stuff. She has a dress with children, coins, keys, pictures, jewelry and forgotten things. She was born on Jan.14 2010, but she is an old spirit.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Memorial to Father&Mother Inlaw

This is suppose to be on my blog. I made this collage for my father-in-law when he passed in 2004. It was the cover of the program for his funeral service. He loved cross word puzzles, hymns and chemistry with his handwriting. His wife loved flowers and butterflies. It was a tribute to them both. I used papers from his 1937 chemistry class. He was a very conservative man. So, the words, about rigidity seemed correct to me. I love how the wax forged all of the memories. I finished this collage in 2 days. That means finding all of the pieces, listening to where they wanted to go, going to Kinko's telling them, I don't wanted this to be a sharp and clear piece, I wanted it murky, and layered that is how memories are, we can all be in the same place but remember differently, convincing the church staff that I would do the program. And, it flowed. It worked, It was scary, there was a flow and a feeling that I cannot describe.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My House

This is my house and I live here, journal page from January 2009.
What will I say for this year2010???