Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art doll,core elements

I took a class last week in handwrapped art dolls by Rukiya. I am NOT a doll artist, but I love certain type of dolls, and I wanted to be around some creative folks. I heard rumblings in the class about how she should make one to show us; but, she wanted to tell us and let us make our own dolls. I thought my doll had a very masculine face, gotta get her some eye lashes. This was my first time with clay, but I tried to go "with the flow." She has not told me her name yet. She has a tree branch with various fabrics, ribbons, feathers and stuff. She has a dress with children, coins, keys, pictures, jewelry and forgotten things. She was born on Jan.14 2010, but she is an old spirit.


Mary said...

Oh I think you did an amazing job!
I love her face, and she look wonderful surrounded by lovely art!!

Brown Sugar Babies said...

You did a great job!!!!!