Friday, September 4, 2009

Over My Head, I hear music in the air.

Encaustic collage on canvas.


Sherry Goodloe said...

Hi Brenda - love that image you used!

Have a nice holiday weekend :)

Sandy said...

How did I miss this collage. Love the images and the dimension you got with the layers. Are the butterflies transfers? Beautiful!

mystele said...

brenda, i'm so sorry to have missed all of these posts. for some reason blogger was not sending me all the blogs i follow. i got them all today- over 100 posts to catch up on! this collage is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Brenda, I came to visit as I promised. It is half past midnight now - so will save the blog for tomorrow. But WOW! that collage at the top of the blog... shiver me timbers or something like that - simply stupendous - love that figure sitting there "listening" to the music. And it is fun to find that you alter books. I went on a recent splurge getting supplies to do book-binding, and have been watching everything I can find on altered books and journals. Cloth is my normal thing, but why not cloth and books, cloth on books, in books, etc. Moving into a freedom space, I am... God is Good.
Hope to discover and get to know you better. Blessings.