Tuesday, June 7, 2016



This is DOC, the dog i painted with love for Southeastern Guide Dogs. I was fortunate to be one of 50 artist chosen to paint a dog. Doctors Hospital of Sarasota asked me to be their artist. I was honored to be chosen. He has a page on Facebook also. He is on display in the lobby of the hospital. If you are in the area, go over and take a photo with him. I would love for you to vote for my dog. Each vote only cost 1.00. Doc has prayers and blessings written all over his body before I began painting. I wanted to have the DNA of as many people as possible all over his body, so he can be a blessing to others at the Hospital and for the final recipient of a wonderful helper. The dogs are proved for no charge and Southeastern Guide Dogs receive 100% if the proceeds for the vote.  Thank you so much.

DOC was on his way to his big coming out party last Wednesday. He was excited!!

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Patrinas Pencil said...

He is beautiful! Love the glasses and cape too. what a lovely idea to have the DNA of so many others just below the surface. what an awesome creative idea. I like the way you think and create...still. :)

Blessing, Brenda I hope He wins big